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A 16 page auto-bio comic based on my time in the United States Navy boot camp.

I am recruited into a prestigious flag marching division only to learn that I am incapable of marching in step...

Aweigh_02 copy.jpg

Aaqilah's Crook

10 page comic of survivors in a post-anarchy world who are trying to repair a magical artifact before it unleashes a cosmic horror on what is left of humanity.

AB_01_03_c copy.jpg

Black Mage Monastery

21 page fantasy comic about a magic user who wishes to be a healer but is raised in a combat magic monastery. 

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The Sting

A 3 page wordless comic set in 1980's El Salvador, where a civil war forced children to hide from the soldiers so they would not be kidnapped and forced to join the combat.

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